Saturday, 27 February 2010

How To Hack a Sky Router

Do you want to find out how to hack the WPA key of a Sky router?

This guide is for informational purposes only and applies to routers that are still using the default WPA key that came with the router.

If you turn on your wireless scanner and see wireless networks starting with SKY followed by numbers, then the chances are that the person has a default installation.

First things first, you need scanning software.  The best I've found is a full linux operating system that when booted has a host of hacking tools on it.  For details on downloading, installing, booting and using the tools, go to the Backtrack Network Security Suite site, for anyone that used to hack several years ago, this is the installation that replaced the Auditor.

There are others however, but I'm not going to list them here and I'm not going to explain how to use them either.  I may do in the future if I decide to do a step by step hacking wireless networks by collecting keys etc etc, but there are many other resources out there that can do this for you.  This is a good site and 'yes' you can hack a WEP network in around 10 mins.

So, here is a quick and easy way to hack a Sky network:
1) Start Kismet
2) Record the name and mac address of a wireless network in your area with the SSID SKY***
3) Go to
4) Select the router, you may need to try more than one
5) Type in the mac address and click generate
6) As if by magic, you now have the key

If this doesn't work or you want to learn how to hack a wireless network properly, then use the links above.  The Backtrack site also has tutorials and if you go to the remote-exploit site, then there is more there also.

As with any post that I'll do in the future, it is more a reference for me to look back on, that you're free to use.  If you are using the above for free broadband though, don't be such a tight a**e and buy your own.

For anyone reading this that hasn't encrypted their router or changed it from the default, and this includes the default username and password for logging into the admin section of your router - CHANGE IT AND SECURE IT.  You never know who is using your broadband.  If this doesn't worry you, then just imagine that the person using your broadband is downloading illegal software, movies, music, or even worse, looking at illegal sexually explicit material.  Do you want the police busting down your door for something you haven't been looking at?????  Try to prove it wasn't you!  SECURE YOUR WIRELESS NETWORK.


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